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All in one usb car charger adapter with LED flashlight

Item No.: LSUC006

Designed to be a powerful,utility flashlight and car charger.

It's not only USB car charger ,but also is power bank for your mobile phone & tablet PC & other usb drives.

You can use it to charge your digital devices anytime and anywhere;

capacity of built-in battery:1400mAh

DC output:5V/500mA

DC input:12V~24V/10A

Brightness of one LED lamp:80~100LM

Main materiall :ABS & Aluminum

Product Details

This all in one USB car charger is designed to be a powerful,utility flashlight and car charger, the car charger’s built-in battery can be charged by a car socket, the product’s input inner plug which is protected by cylindrical cover,if there is not enough space to place the product surrounding the car charger socket. You can rotate product’s LED lamp head to 180 degree ensure it can connect to the car socket. The bottom of the cover has a magnet which enable the product to attach to a metal objects for convenient lighting .when you press the energy test. Button it indicates the power left in the built-in battery. You can use USB car charger adapter to charge your digital devices anytime and anywhere.

USB Car Charger Specification:
1. size: ∅26x145mm
2. capacity of built-in battery:1400mAh
3. DC output:5V/500mA
4. DC input:12V~24V/10A
5. Brightness of one LED lamp:80~100LM
6. Power of LED lamp:1W
7. To charge the built-in battery by car:about 4-5hours if power is at 0.
8. Car charging time at least 2 hours(first use because it comes with some charge)
9. Main materiall :ABS & Aluminum


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