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Wire Monopod 3.5mm Cable Selfie Stick for smartphone

Item No.: LSHS008

Best 3.5mm cable selfie stick

Non-slip handle

Eliminate awkward photos taken at arms length

Take a picture anywhere without asking a stranger

Lightweight, portable, easy to carry

Suitable for: Traveling, Video diaries, Video blogging, Hiking/camping, Weddings, Parties, The beach, Concerts, Aerial Photos, Sports events.

Product Details

Mini Wire Monopod 3.5mm Cable Selfie Stick for Cell phone


Wire Monopod Features:

1. This wire selfie stick no need to connect Bluetooth, only using the 3.5mm cable Audio to take photo. (Because it is very complex to connect Bluetooth, and the Compatibility is not good. What’s worse, many certifications need to prepare when customers import. As the result, the cost is high and the price is not suitable)

2. No need to charge, No battery built-in.  However, the traditional Bluetooth need to charge, and using time of battery is limited that will be the bad influence for your long-time travel and selfie

3. Plug and play. Compatible for android and ios. For android system above 4.2.2, if still not work, download the camera 360 . For ios system above 5.0.1, no need any app, plug into earphone hole and take photos. So far, it is the simplest monopod in market.

4. There has groove in the pole which can lock the pole to make sure get the clear pictures. The sizes of our poles are made according to the level rule. Even if you use continuously more than 3 hours, you won’t feel tired. By contrast, most of monopod in the market is not meet the level rule; first, the pole is thin which makes people feel tired after long-time using. Second, the pole itself has no groove which makes the pole roll when taking photos or even to break your loved phone .

5. High sensitive buttons and amazing design all meet the aesthetic principle. Portable, light and handy, functional. this 3.5mm wire selfie stick can be used in some special higher and lower angel.

6. Easy to carry . It is so mini that you can Put it in your pocket .


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